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Seeing the child, not the condition

the perfect gift

New book by

Chris Gore and Angela Locke

About the Book

The Book

This book, The Perfect Gift, is a glimpse into the lives of families of children and adults with special needs.  These stories are ones of hope, healing, faith, joy, perseverance, and unwavering trust. Each person, whether disabled or not, is a perfect gift from God. Be inspired and have your faith ignited as you read about the interactions of God with these most precious gifts.



Chris Gore was a pastor in New Zealand before moving to Redding, California in 2006.  He is the Director of Healing Ministries at Bethel Church and one of his greatest passions in life is meeting, loving and ministering to children with special needs and their families.  He and his wife Liz have three beautiful daughters, one of which has cerebral palsy.  He knows what it is like to hold the truth of God’s word in tension with a confidence that every day is a great day for a miracle!

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Angela Locke is originally from Ohio, where she worked for nine years at a children’s hospital before moving to Redding, California. During her five years in Redding, she was on staff at Bethel Church as the special-needs pastor, where she and her team cultivated an atmosphere for children with special needs to be known, valued, loved, and empowered, with an emphasis on healing breakthrough. She was also on staff under Chris Gore in the Healing Rooms as the children’s team leader. It was her great joy to lead, equip, empower, and minister alongside of a team of passionate adults and sixty mighty children who ministered healing to the sick. She is a carrier of hope and has a passion for seeing all children walk in the fullness of their potential in Christ!

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Seeding a book

Our heart’s desire and goal is that worldwide, every parent of a child with special needs and a genuine financial need would receive a copy of The Perfect Gift for free. We invite you to partner with us to make this ambitious goal possible by purchasing a book on behalf of those families. We would be able to put this in the hands of families anywhere in the world for an average $34.95 USD per book (which includes shipping).

*If you would like to connect with us or you are a parent of a special needs child and would like a copy of this book but have a genuine financial hardship, please contact us.

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